Recent Members Joining GLSN:
  • Mex Africa Logistics (MEX UG) of Uganda |  
  • Intramar Freight of New Zealand |  
  • Bentri Forwarding of Belgium |  
  • JDB Logistics of USA |  
  • K Rich Logistics of Thailand |  
  • Ark Business & Logistics of Egypt |  
  • Silogística of Colombia |  
  • Cross Freight of Germany |  
  • Aero Africa of Senegal |  
  • SME-Europe of Hungary |  

About the GLSN forwarding network

Global Logistics Summit Network (GLSN) is unlike any of the other 100+ traditional freight forwarding networks. . For a low annual fee comparable to attending a traditional network conference - GLSN offers attendance at a well-organized Bi-Annual Summit INCLUSIVE of being a member of a well-functioning network with full website capabilities.
The GLSN concept is based on the fact that the greatest benefit of any network derives from periodic Face-to-Face Meetings and this is the cornerstone of GLSN.

The network started with 40 founder members and was immediately thrown into the deep with the Covid-19 pandemic emerging world wide. The Covid-19 era severely impacted global logistics and in turn resulted in big changes within the GLSN network. With global competition tightening its noose around many forwarding agencies GLSN needed to adapt. Faster communication was key, so we revamped our member dashboard and released a mobile app, making is easier for our members to communicate.

Physical summits were not possible for many of our members due to travel restrictions, GLSN created Virtual Summits to fill the need for Face-To-Face meetings to strengthen or find new business partners. Due to the many restrictions forwarders faced many of them got into financial trouble, therefor GLSN made the Payment Protection Fund mandatory ensuring safe business with GLSN members. And most importantly, we added many new members as this means more business for all within the GLSN network..

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