Recent Members Joining GLSN:
  • Quality Log of Poland |  
  • LILA International Logistics of United Kingdom |  
  • BL Global Forwarding & Logistics of Turkey |  
  • InterGateway Freight of Singapore |  
  • Right Track Air Services of Malaysia |  
  • InterGateway Freight of Malaysia |  
  • BIA Global Logistics of Ireland |  
  • Euro Star Shipping Services of United Arab Emirates |  
  • Global Delivery Express of Morocco |  
  • Yuhang Italia of Italy |  

GLSN has a simple Annual Membership Fee structure:

The above fees are applicable until such time as on-site Summits in Bangkok, Thailand are restored. Until then, GLSN will be holding Virtual Summits via the Internet from the convenience of your homes and offices. 

  • Annual Fee
    USD 750.00

    Per Annum

    • Payment Protection Fund
      USD 150

      Per annum
      *Covers up to USD 5,000,- annually

    • Or
    • Payment Protection Fund
      USD 300

      Per annum
      *Covers up to USD10,000,- annually

  • Additional Branch
    USD 250.00

    Per branch, per annum

The Annual Membership Fee is inclusive of a Virtual Summit Fee covering 1 Attendee at one of the following 2 Bi-Annual Summits. The Attendee Fee for attending a 2nd Virtual Summit and/or each additional attendees is USD 250/person.

Before starting this Membership Application, be aware that GLSN does NOT accept members:

  • Without a functioning website
  • Under 2-years in existence
  • Using free email services (,, etc)
  • Listed by any industry colection agency such as, or FDRS.

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