Recent Members Joining GLSN:
  • AUCL (Across Universe Cargo Logistics) of Egypt |  
  • Shanghai Daseair Logistics of China |  
  • Container xChange of Germany |  
  • Crown Logistics of Kuwait |  
  • Solbri of Kenya |  
  • Air Logistics Group (ALG) of Nepal |  
  • Nexrise Logistics of Kenya |  
  • Azul Global of Sri Lanka |  
  • Beskare Logistics of Vietnam |  
  • New Port International of South Korea |  

GLSN has a simple Annual Membership Fee structure:

  • USD 750.00

    per annum per company.

  • USD 250.00

    per annum for 2nd and each additional branch office.

The above fees are applicable until such time as on-site Summits in Bangkok, Thailand are restored. Until then, GLSN will be holding Virtual Summits via the Internet from the convenience of your homes and offices. 

The Annual Membership Fee is inclusive of a Virtual Summit Fee covering 1 Attendee at one of the following 2 Bi-Annual Summits. The Attendee Fee for attending a 2nd Virtual Summit and/or each additional attendees is USD 250/person.

Before starting this Membership Application, be aware that GLSN does NOT accept members:

  • Without a functioning website
  • Under 2-years in existence
  • Using free email services (,, etc)
  • Listed by any industry colection agency such as, or FDRS.
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